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at napa and at st. helena as more of the rain coming into the watersheds -- the rivers will come up to near flood stage. it's not going to be dramatically overflood stage. at least that's not the way it looks right now. along the napa river at napa or st. helena and the russian river at guerneville you to monitor this. let's show you what's supposed to happen at guerneville. forecast is to reach just above flood stage at 32.7 feet tomorrow morning -- or rather monday morning at 9:00. whereas on the napa river it looks like it will peak sunday afternoon. so stay tuned on that if you are in those areas. mean time here is how to looks for us. on and off showers through the day. heavy rain returns tomorrow morning at this time. the rain is out of the area by sunday and finally we get a chance to breathe. we will have impressive totals and a specific look at what's going ounfold over the next 24 hours. first let's check with ann. >>> thank you, brian. the pg&e crews are hard at work around the clog to -- clock to keep power on for bay area customers. in north bay there are power outages
inches in santa rosa. three inches in mounted st. helena. san francisco inch and a half and lesser amounts as you head towards the santa clara valley. let's take a look at the five day storm totals. three storms moved in here. you can see mount st. helena, close to 13 inches. santa rosa, close to 8 inches as well as san rafael. san francisco close to 4 inches. oakland close to 4 inches and san jose racked up close to 2 1/2 inches. as you mentioned, another system is headed for the bay area, not as strong. we'll take a look at the timing coming up. >> a scary situation in pescadero. fire crews had to rescue two drivers who's cars got caught on flooded highway 101. it caught maybe many people off guard due to the sudden rise of water. heavy rain is being blamed for an accident that injured four people. three of them are from the fire district. we do want to a warn you. some of the video may be intense for some viewers. >> you can hear the crunch of an out of control vehicle making impact followed by moments of confusion. then screams for help from firefighters kelly morse. she was on
you can see how clear the air is, still spinning on top of mount st. helena, still waiting on next storm which could bring rain as early as tonight to the north bay. napa river, flood stages 25 feet, notice the trend, dropping, continuing to drop, a little spike with the rain the next couple of days not close to where we were, you will see little spikes everywhere, napa river st. helena downward trend here to normal russian river at guerneville you can see downward trend, a little spike, getting nowhere near that 30 foot crest that we are looking at, as we head towards heels burke, you can see the flood stage, let's talk about right now, still 48 san rafael, thick fog this morning, rest of us in the 50s, monterey bay bay 52 santa cruz mid to upper 50s the rest of the bay also inland. we'll have high clouds and sun today, a break, then wet weather comes in tomorrow for wednesday once we get past that we could 10, 14 days of rain-free weather. here's what is happening, high pressure now directing clouds over top of us, keeping next storm at bay for now. warm front that comes with the
, petaluma, st. helena, st. helena, picking up more than an inch and about 8/10ths. south of the golden gate, south of i-80, a few 1/100ths in places. we have more to come. this is just the beginning. parts of the east bay, right over the bay bridge at this time rain is falling and we have light rain over the marina district, the embarcadero, the downtown area over the union square. if you are gonna head out shopping, it will be wet. light showers falling over berkeley as well as walnut creek and danville seeing some light rain at times. the winds have really been blowing. so rain hectic enough. so when you include the winds, it can be stretcherrous, the winds in oakland, 17 miles an hour. 18 sfo. 16 in mountain view. these are sustained winds. the gusts have been strong eb at times -- stronger at times. mt. diablo, taking the cake. 58-mile-an-hour gusts reported there earlier this morning. as we head to the sierra, we've got a solid moderate line of rain heading into the foothills. and the snow line remains about blue canyon. it will fluctuate throughout the oakland right now we're seeing a
to the north of here up by st. helena where rain is accumulating in the canyons and the creeks and coming down this way. people are waiting now, people who are concerned about living in the low-lying areas, they're going to bed tonight with some sense of confidence. others are still working to protect their property. crews were working into the night to remove about three dozen cottaged mounted on mobile home frames from the river point resort. the rising rivers cut short vacations for guests. so far, the napa river remains within its banks but it's expected to flood near st. helena tomorrow around noon. folks in rural areas and even parts of napa aren't taking any chances. city trucks delivered 50 tons of sand to this lot at first street and freeway drive and folks were filling bags as quickly as the sand came in. folks june and her husband. >> the situation is i live on a creek. we had a big rain, as you know, thursday night and the water came up to almost the top of the retaining wall. so we decided sandbags were a good idea for tonight. >> are you afraid the water might come over the wall?
and along the coastline this, is tonight. and by 11 p.m. some rain starts to shift inland. mount st. helena, we can pick up snow mixing in around lake county mountains. the pink here indicating mount hamilton, mount st. helena. so weather dropping toyvtv 3,000 fee. i'll let you know if wet weather is going to affect your weekend holiday plans and thank you very much. >> today we're getting a much better picture just how much water rains have left behind. >> now, reservoirs are overflowing. >> take a look behind me. a rare, beautiful site. this dam so full of water. so much that it's overflowing down this spill wrai. all reservoirs are doing the same thing. take a look at just how much water is spilling off the lake. this is near mount tam. the lake is full. so is bon tempe dam. the water flowing into alpine lake. >> our reservoirs reached capacity that. is the earliest we've done thata8p since 1983. >> in the wint yes, all seven reservoirs didn't fill up until april. >> so this water just blowing through last night. >> it's a welcome site to fisherman. water rationing it's great to see
right now over calistoga and st. helena. we will continue with the rain. breezy conditions. wind advisory until 10:00. by the afternoon paid spread scattered showers and wet weekend ahead. i will detail that for you coming up. >>> 6:27. from coast to coast a attribute to the victims of a connecticut school shooting. the nation-wide moment of silence in just a couple of minutes from right now. >>> we are live in san jose where a party at a business park turns deadly. we'll have the latest on this investigation. >>> plus the opening bell is just about to ring on wall street. tori will have the early stock numbers. >>> stocks are expected to plummet today. basically evaporating hopes a deal would be reached soon. we'll be monitoring that as markets open. >> we will say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here on ktvu channel 2 morning news. friday december 21st i'm dave clark. >> and i'm tori campbell. in for pam cook. it's now 6:30. from the bay area to newtown, connecticut people are preparing to observe a moment of violence for the victim's of last friday's school shoo
're getting ready. so far the napa river remains within its banks but it's expected to flood near st. helena tomorrow around noon. folks in rural areas and parts of napa aren't taking any chances. city trucks have delivered 50 tons of sand to this 1st street and freeway drive and folks are filling bags as quickly as the sand came in. 2000 bags so far were loaded up and shipped out. >> the situation is that i live on a creek. we had a big rain as you know thursday night, and the water came up to almost the top of the retaining wall. and so we decided sandbags were a good idea for tonight. >> reporter: are you afraid the water might come over the wall. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: officials wrapped up a late afternoon meeting to discuss rainfall projection and the possibility of flooding. martin is the information officer for the flood control district. >> because of the history of flooding, we have a good idea of where the water will come out first. we know there's certain points so we can plan in advance. at this moment, if the projections of the rainfall totals are accurate, we'r
cruz mountains at 9:00 a.m. we have radar on mount st. helena. i'll be back to tell but a high surf advisory. how much rain and with we might get a break. >> thank you. >> the storm made for a washout in wine country. several inches of rain there. laura anthony joins us life things have improved but this is one of the trouble spots. one of the first to flood in this area. heavy rains move into petaluma that is what happened this morning. and overnight, into the north bay. willow brook creek began to overrun banks. think of this as a water way because it was so low this week. here on industrial avenue water front caused the parking lot to flood. >> this disrupts our ability to brait the company. we can't load from the dock. our employees zront a place to park. >> this water came up quickly this morning. we're hoping it stays where it is now. >> that is a gentleman that live as long the petaluma river. this is a refrigeration business near the river. it hasn't flooded in years. when it did it was in conditions like this. with high tides projected to be at seven feet on sunday, the con
lying areas. the big problem tomorrow at noon, in st. helena, they expect flooding there and are going to come up with ideas at 8:30. ann. >> paul was taking about the rain and also the winds. are you noticing the winds picking up. >> reporter: it's quite calm, i haven't noticed that yet. >> that's not the only river people are worried about in the north bay. there are serious flood concerns for the russian river. anne makovec with other troublesome areas. >> the river is surprising because the river can rise before you know it. >> reporter: from rushing rivers to vineyards, submerged in the overflow, the north bay is on edge over a flood warning now in effect. >> i feel okay. i know i might have some late night work to do if it does start coming up, but yeah. >> reporter: just how serious it is depends on who you ask. >> they're thinking it's going to happen this year and this early in the season. this river is coming up. we've seen a lot of -- >> reporter: weave seen a lot of sights like this. you can see the water here flirting with the possibility of closing it down and it's not go
or earlier. that's going to be around lunchtime tomorrow. watch out tomorrow for moderate flooding in st. helena. as for what's going on, you can follow this moisture trail all the way back west of hawaii. this is just tropical moisture that gets consolidated a couple times of year. in this particular instance it's getting steered. right into northern california. it's called the pineapple express. are hawaii to here, round three. we'll get one on sunday. round three, the final round is just about here. after midnight we're all going to get very wet. several inches of rainfall for the north bay. anywhere from 1 to 2.5 inches of rainfall in and around the bay area. future cast, we get new information every hour. an inch and a half for santa cruz. inch and a half for redwood city. nearly two inches more in san rafel. nearly 2 inches of new rainfall by tomorrow evening. with the ground saturated we will see more urban flooding tomorrow than we did friday. less of an impact. still out there tomorrow. moving in tonight, it'll be a soaker. especially tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, got a
st. helena. sansan francisco, even concord r two inches there. yes, more wet weather is on the way. we'll take a look at that coming up. >> ama: it was scary situation a short while ago. we were over the scene. fire crews had to rescue two drivers whose cars got caught on flooded highway 1. the storm caught many drivers offguard due too the downpour and sudden rise of water. >> the have where rain is being blamed for an accident that injured four people. three of them are firefighters who work for the moraga orinda fire district. reporter: all four people who were injured were rushed here to john muir medical center, three of them needed emergency surgery. >> you can hear the crunch of an out of control vehicle making impact, followed by some moments of confusion. then screams for help from firefighter kelly morris. one of three fire team members injured in this accident. fire crews were investigating a series of rain-related crashes. >> a third card hit the side of our fire engine, and then actually rolled over up on to the embankment and hit three of our firefighters and also the
where the peach trees are. >> one of the hardest hit areas was mount st. helena. forecasters say the russian river won't jump its banks afterall. a flood warning has been canceled. sonoma county had opened an emergency center but it has clayed after -- has closed after the danger passed. coming up the damage done at a mobile home park in vallejo. >>> hundreds of people still without power. we just got off the phone with pg&e they gave us this break down. the north bay and east bay have minnesota that 600 customers without power. south bay outages are effecting nearly 600 customers. in the santa cruz mountains 250 fill in the dark on the peninsula and in san francisco they have fewer than 50 outages each. at one point yesterday morning pg&e says 125,000 customers had lost power. in san francisco heavy winds and rain snapped a power pole in the sunset district. 8400 customers lost power. in daly city ground saturating rain caused a 50-foot pine tree to fall on 280. the problem blocked two lanes and backed up traffic for an hour. a pothole caused problems for drivers on highway 4. w
showers we'll be dealing with over the next couple of hours, st. helena and san francisco nearly an inch. nearly 3/4 of an inch in oakland, a third this south bay that's it, it is over after this evening. >>> leann is in san francisco if you want two twitter her, tweet her. >>> stay with us for our continuing storm coverage our next update is at noon. [dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> hi. [smooch] nice to meet you. [cheers and applause] >> whoo. >> hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. today's first contestant is a college professo
and scattered showers we'll be dealing with over the next couple of hours, st. helena and san francisco nearly an inch. nearly 3/4 of an inch in oakland, a third this south bay that's it, it is over after this evening. >>> leann is in san francisco if you want two twitter her, tweet her. >>> stay with us for our continuing storm coverage our next update is at noon. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price promise. [ male announcer ] a price you can definitely count on, for two whole years. from at&t. [ female announcer ] a great price for a great triple-play bundle. [ male announcer ] call now. bundles with u-verse tv, internet and home phone start at $89 a month. now get the same great price for two years. [ female announcer ] switch today and get a total home dvr included, free for life. [ male announcer ] you get reliable, high speed internet on our advanced digital network. choose from speeds up to 24 megs. [ female announce
: but at the river ranch farm worker housing center in st. helena he and 60 other laborers get bedrooms, three meals a day and hot showers. >> he rest much better. he doesn't really worry about his safety. >> reporter: the workers give thanks for father john brenkle a champion of farm worker housing for nearly 30 years. >> this valley is so darn prosperous. it was a scandal having them sleeping in cars. >> reporter: when he first came to saint helena catholic church in 1983 he immediately noticed the plight of the farm worker. at night he would see up to 40 of them crowded onto the church porch to sleep. >> when i went to bed in my warm bed, i felt very uncomfortable. >> reporter: at first, father brenkle offered showers and meals at his church and set up a tent city in yountville. and he organized groups to create long-term housing. in 2002 they passed measure l allowing landowners to donate less than 40-acre parcels for housing. for farm workers. >> our slogan in the church was vote for l or go to hell. >> reporter: his leadership gave rise to three farm worker owned it is centers to houseworkers.
. gorgeous start this morning. live doppler on top of st. helena, down to san francisco, millbrae, fremont, san jose and everybody is dry this morning. let's talk temperatures. right now 39 napa for the cool spot, san jose, mountain view and san francisco warmest at 50 with antioch at 51. everybody else in the 40s until you get to the coast 52 at half moon bay. mid 40s santa cruz, watsonville, salinas, 50 monterey. off to a cooler start, if you have a warmer day in store, sunshine faster than we did yesterday didn't it take forever? opposite today. one more night of fog possible then our warmest and brightest afternoons sunday, monday, tuesday. today a few 50s places like antioch, vallejo, san rafael that's where the fog is now. you are going to see sunshine later. the rest of us in the low 60s at half moon bay a little breeze coming off the ocean, you will be around 59° more sunshine today. as we head towards the monterey bay, same story, 61 monterey, 64 watsonville. low to mid 60s towards morgan hill, gilroy, hollister and salinas. tonight 30s fairfield mid to upper 40s san francisco 51
now but our own radar on mt. st. helena will be tracking rain. today was warm, mild to warm, depending on where you are, and warm enough to set records. keptfield, 70 degrees, tied the previous record. 66 at the oakland airport. that actually broke its previous record by one degree. downtown oakland with 70 degrees. san jose, 67. up to 67 in half moon bay. san francisco, 66 degrees and a nice day down in upper napa area. 71 today. here are your current temperatures. still mild. 68 in oakland. 63 in san francisco. we have 66 degrees in san rafael. here are the highlights. clear and cold in the valleys tonight. sunny and mild weather on monday and rain returns tuesday night, into wednesday. so you'll need your rain gear again. tonight, bundle up. at it going to be cold under clear skies. the only patch of fog i could fine was way out east of the east bay valleys. could see it, although it is not going to be widespread. 46 in antioch, morning, chilly in fairfield. 37 in napa. 39 in santa rosa. notice low 40s around fremont, palo alto, san jose, 45. when you head out tomorrow morning, ma
. the radar on mt. st. helena will be watching for rain tuesday night and wednesday. temperatures in the 60s in the bay. and inland valleys, already dropping down into the 50s. here's the highlights. clear and cold the valleys. sunny and mild for monday. rain returns tuesday, going into wednesday. tomorrow morning's commute looks fine but you'll need to bundle up, scarves, gloves, a coat, it's going to get cold. 37 by morning in napa. fairfield, dropping to 40. 45 in oakland. san francisco north that cold, 48. san jose, 45. vallejo, 40 degrees. make sure you grab a coat or jacket when you head out the door. but it will be clear. high pressure controlling our weather. this fridge of high pressure is hanging on for another day. so above average temperatures again for your monday. mild sunny skies will continue. but then we're going to fast-forward to tuesday night. things really start to change. 11:00 p.m. the rains starting to approach santa rosa, tuesday night. wednesday, the wee hours of the morning, 3 al, we'll see the rain coming through the bay area as the cold front is sliding through.
. let's check out live doppler 7-hd. i'll show you what it looks like. radar on mounted st. helena, it's clear sky mode. we will be seeing green showing up on the screen as we head into tuesday night and wednesday and possibly other colors as the rain begins to develop. temperatures right now, falling under clear skies. down to 45 in napa, 43 in concord. clear and cold in the valleys tonight. sunny and mild for your monday, rain returns late tuesday so tomorrow morning be sure you have a jacket. 47 in vallejo. dropping down to 40 degrees in livermore. you'll see low 40s, fremont, py and santa cruz, san jose 45 degrees. upside to the chilly morning, it will be a beautiful day in the afternoon. high pressure will provide us a sunny above average day in terms of your temperatures for your monday. before we start to see the temperatures on tuesday, by tuesday night, rain develops 11:00 p.m. north of santa rosa as the night goes on we're going to start to see the rainfall across the heart of the bay area at 3:00 a.m. 5:00 a.m. rush hour, it does not look good for wednesday morning. scattere
, spinning north on mount st. helena, next storm coming from the north tonight we'll be able to see it before it gets to your neighborhood during tomorrow morning's commute. i'll get you there that with live doppler. san rafael 39, fog lingered loner than elsewhere most of us mid to upper 40s, 50 mountain view, oakland and half moon bay. monterey bay low to mid 50s watsonville and monterey everybody else upper 40s. partly cloudy today, cooler than average dry rain tomorrow and saturday and more chances next week these are the nickel and dime varieties, aren't huge like we saw come going the west. these are coming from the north. they are reinforcing coolness of this air mass, low to mid 50s, mostly sunny. little warmer in the car, mid five around the monterey bay and inland, 30s and 40s tonight clouds come in late enough that temperatures will drop into cool levels. tomorrow morning the best chance of seeing rain is along the sonoma county coast. a lot of rain into southern california, next one, unsettled and cold air mass storms up to alaska grabbing cold air and riding back down losing a lo
san francisco, live doppler 7 hd, spinning north on mount st. helena, next storm coming from the north tonight we'll be able to see it before it gets to your neighborhood during tomorrow morning's commute. i'll get you there that with live doppler. san rafael 39, fog lingered loner than elsewhere most of us mid to upper 40s, 50 mountain view, oakland and half moon bay. monterey bay low to mid 50s watsonville and monterey everybody else upper 40s. partly cloudy today, cooler than average dry rain tomorrow and saturday and more chances next week these are the nickel and dime varieties, aren't huge like we saw come going the west. these are coming from the north. they are reinforcing coolness of this air mass, low to mid 50s, mostly sunny. little warmer in the car, mid five around the monterey bay and inland, 30s and 40s tonight clouds come in late enough that temperatures will drop into cool levels. tomorrow morning the best chance of seeing rain is along the sonoma county coast. a lot of rain into southern california, next one, unsettled and cold air mass storms up to alaska grabbing co
gate area. i'll take you there. santa rosa west of the bay on north and east of st. helena and clear lake and clover dale and lake port. but the majority is still waiting for the first drops of rain. the central and south bay, they are currently just sitting there dry and cloudy. the wind advisory will be windy along for the rainfall at the coast and the city of the north bay with the sustained winds. and some isolated gusts to 50 miles per hour tomorrow morning. here's that much rain. just a couple drifts there. three to six inches of new rainfall for the north bay mountains. you'll see two to five inches of rain and santa clara county. two to three inches of new rainfall by the end of the week. the timing arriving and how long it will stick around and whether or not it will impact your travel coming up before christmas in a few minutes. >> all right, thanks. >>> whiteout conditions stranding fliers in the midwest. it dumped tons of snow in the midwest. more than 500 flights out of chicago's o'hare and midway have been canceled. airlines are waiving fees for customers who want to ch
weight last night and back through the weekend, last weekend, sitting on top of mount st. helena, waiting for that next storm, picking up a few blips just clouds still lingering, those are falling apart, snow in the sierra starting to taper a little. if you are leaving the house now, santa cruz 38°, 45 oakland, mountain view and san jose 42 concord, 48 san francisco, monterey bay inland cloudy, mid to upper 40s, decreasing clouds quickly as low and cold front pull away, check out high pressure moving in for today, once we can get past the morning fog, 10, 11, we'll have sunshine this afternoon high clouds roam in late into the afternoon more so during the overnight hours keep temperatures up a little and fog to a minimum tomorrow morning. 7:00 all of us quiet christmas morning. as we look at the rain by noon, already raining steadily north bay heaviest rain around 2:00 all the way through 5:00 from the north bay to the south bay where you see yellows and oranges, moderate rain. since it is a fast mover, we'll be left with scattered showers during the latter parts of the evening hours and
, sacramento, and out towards napa, as well as down towards st. helena, all those locations picking up low-level moisture but south of san francisco you saw a little bit more in the way of sunshine. right in this area, a little sun for san jose. you popped up into the 50s today. in the north bay that's where the clouds hung around, and temperatures there today 'only managed mid-up toker 40s in most cases. right now a little warmer. napa, 50, 49 in san rafael, 49, light mist and drizzle. 54 in san francisco, 5 -- 57 in handjose. rain on the increase overnight tonight. get ready for a very wet morning commute tomorrow, and then looks stormy heading towards the latter part of the work week. this is the cold front that will move through tonight. this warm sector provided the lift and all the moisture for the north bay today. as we progress overnight, the cold front will spread the rain south. so we'll begin our forecast at 8:00 tonight. and you'll notice santa rosa, up north, start to see the beginnings of the cold front. by 10:00 should start to drape across much of the north bay, and then ov
at 11:00 p.m. coastal he venlt. we'll see a mix of rain and snow developing around mount st. helena. so rain is light to moderate shifting south you'll notice there. just scattered showers here this, system not going to bring a lot of rain. we've lowered rainfall totals. tenth to a quarter inch foremost of the bay area. it's going to produce snow showers but not until saturday if you want to get out of town tonight will be your night. swells building 10-14 feet. watch out for strong rip skpurnts large, breaking waves if you're going to check out beaches this weekend. tomorrow morning goitsing to get colder. we're going 34 in fairfield. 34 degrees in nappa. down to 33 in santa rosa. cold in fremont. and afternoon highs, increasing cloud cover. around the monterey bay, temperatures low to mid-50s with partly cloudy skies. here is the accu-weather forecast. look. i never let you down. bringing in rain tomorrow night. moving out of here by saturday morning. rest of the weekend, salvaged and dry. sneef dry. if you have outdoor plans, first day of 2013 keeping it dry. we'll bring in rain, aga
in this area. we are getting heavy showers out toward st. helena. that's coming toward the yellow and oranges. and the windshield wipers are on full. head back toward the road. you will see light showers there. here is the deal. the showers will continue as we go into the evening hours and it will work their way south as we get into the morning compute. the morning commute is going to be wet. it is going be windy. there's a wind advisory out there now. when i come back i have the time line for what ux expect for your friday get a way forecast. >> it was another somber day, more victims of the tragic shooting were laid to wrest. friends and family gathered to say good-bye to six-year-old katherine hubbard this morning. six-year-old benjamin and allison were held today. in services mourners remember the teachers ann marie murphy and lauren russo. teams continue to search the home where adam plan s&a lived with his mother for -- police believe the 20-year-old tabunman spent most of his time playing video games in the week before the shooting. they're trying to retrieve information from the damag
and continuing around mount st. helena. just scattered showers for your saturday. and thenx, by afternoon, perhaps an isolated shower or two over the hills. it will be done, over with by saturday afternoon, rainfall estimates of from about a tenth to a quarter inch across most of the bay area, except into north bay and mountains talking about a quarter to half an inch. high surf advisory, 10-14 feet, watch out for strong rip currents if you're going to check out waves, tomorrow morning not quite as cold as this morning but keep umbrella as around. make sure you bundle up. upper 40s to low 50s for highs and for the accu-weather forecast you'll see dryqqç sund, most weekend looking fine. slight chance of showers in the north bay. new year's eve, which is monday, afternoon, and then, first day of 2013 could see early morning showers on tuesday. rain returning going into thursday. that is the way it looks right now. >> thank you. >> well, still ahead a perfect treat for those cold winter days. >> it's pr. at 6:00 michael finney goes to bat for an iphone user claiming his credit card company
. mount st. helena, two inches. inch and a half in half moon bay and close to an inch for san jose. is this it? is there any more out there? we'll take a look at seven-day forecast coming up. >> ama: one of the biggest trouble spots is where parts of the creek is threatening to overflow the banks, it runs through east palo alto and menlo park and palo alto. they have been calling them warning of potential flooding in the area. at least several hundred people of east palo alto along university avenue have lost their homes. police officers are driving along neighboring streets and broadcasting warnings to residents. creek is already at least four feet above flood stage. the creek is likely to overflow its banks near the creek bridge. free sandbags are available at airport terminal and also the little league field. >>> in the north bay, heavy rain contributed to this watery mess along highway 121 in the transition in sonoma county. major intersection was closed for several hours. all the water came by from sonoma creek which overflowed. it inundated the vineyards and farmland in the p
are seeing the rain ending, but st. helena now the rain is just picking up. more than an inch of rainfall just today on christmas. nearly an inch of rainfall for both alameda and lafayette. things are starting to add up for this december. almost a half a foot of rainfall at sfo. this year we've seen 44 times more rainfall compared to just one year ago. so when does the rain move out and what when can do we see a prolonged dry period? i'll have the answer coming up. >> all right. look forward to it. thank you. >>> on the peninsula. people who live along a creek have spent the last two days watching the water nervously. a flood on sunday night pretty much ruined their holiday. >> reporter: some people tell me they've lost sleep worrying about this levee. the sandbags were stacked. people who live around here tell me they're taking the threat of another flood very seriously. >> has been a crazy couple days. >> reporter: a crazy couple of days for people who live in this east palo alto neighborhood. creek to go over its banks. water seeped through the levee, homes were evacuated. >> we have t
we received .25" of rain in the north bay, a trace of snow at mt. hamilton and diablo and st. helena. upper 40s san jose through mountain view. 50 in fremont. upper 40s in livermore. currently if you are heading out the door holiday plans, we are into the 40s but the winds are now beginning to dial back. tonight overnight boy, that was quick. 37 degrees for the cold spot in santa rosa, penngrove and cotati. otherwise mid-40s across the board. we have the possibility of a shower tonight. but for the most part the cold front has moved to the south and ejected to the east. but a bit of a raw feeling. tomorrow mostly cloudy, stray shower possible. and more rain then sunshine in that seven-day forecast. it is an unsettled weather pattern. this is the cold front that just blasted through the bay area today. upstream yet another one. it will be moving in, in the overnight hours sunday. it will certainly affect your morning commute on monday. so there's the leading edge 11:00 sunday night. there's your morning commute on monday. during the day monday, mostly cloudy skies. the possibility of
for the napa river. just cresting right above flood stage this evening at st. helena, 8:00 for mapa river at napa, 10:00. and the russian river at guerneville should be cresting below flood stage. that so for tomorrow morning at 11:00. coming up we'll take a look at very impressive rainfall totals and your forecast for christmas. >>>less weather is causing significant delays at san francisco airport. a manager tells us that departing flights are 45-90 minutes behind schedule and at least 25 flights have been canceled. mineta san josi is reporting a handful of delays. we have a link on so you can track your flight. just look under "hot topics." pg&e crews are working to restore power to thousands of bay area customers of the most of the outages are in the north bay where almost 4,000 customers are still without power there. are about 700 customers out of power on the peninsula. 440 in east bay, 360 in the south bay. and about 70 in san francisco. >>> wet roads may have been a factor in a series of traffic accidents. emeryville a two-car crash on 580 eastbound slowed traffic to a c
the north bay. slowly sliding south. we have heavier rain over areas like clearlake and middleton. st. helena seeing pretty good rain. guerneville you are wet. we slide along the coastline we are wet. if we cruise along highway 101, notice petaluma you are seeing heavy rain here. this is just the beginning. as we progress to the morning drive we will watch this as it shifts south. we are picking up light scattered showers along novato and highway 101. the winds are blowing. we have a wind advisory in place for some areas. i'll share that with you and show you what to expect for your weekend coming up. good morning, sal. >>> good morning, rosemary. traffic is doing pretty well. you mentioned the winds rosemary, it might be trouble for you if you drive a small car on the bay area bridge. just use extra care or an a causeway like this one. you might feel the wind blowing on your car a little bit. it's one of the small cars pretty small. no major problems reported at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's 4:30 let's go back to the desk. >>> san francisco international airport is gearing up for w
flood stage many st. helena, napa river there got close to flood stage then made an abrupt pull back. russian river is doing fine, close to areas of concern the yellow has made a sharp turn nothing to worry about there. half a mile, quarter mile or less visibility in san rafael, 45° for you where the fog is thickest. san francisco 50, most of us in the 40s this morning same around the monterey bay mid to upper 40s. high clouds and sun today, wet weather tomorrow and wednesday, extended period of dry weather that could last 10 to 14 days. high pressure winning now holding next system at bay overrun by high clouds, making for is up a beautiful sunrise this morning. i'll put them on facebook. here's a look at the rain tomorrow morning, mainly north bay, where it stays for the better part of the morning starts to make a trip to the south around noon into the 5:00 hour, hardly ever makes it into the south bay other night we get a better chance of widespread steadier rain into wednesday morning. wednesday afternoon, it will start to taper to showers, by wednesday evening almost over. rain
and things like that. and just some washed out driveways. >> mount st. helena was one of the hardest hit areas with four inches of rain in 24 hours. >>> 2200 people still don't have power in the greater bay area. here are some of the litest numbers from pg&e. now the north bay and east bay have more than 600 customers still without power. south bay outages effecting 595 customers. in the santa cruz mountains 250 are still in the dark. peninsula and san francisco have no more than 50 outages each. >>> time now 5:02. less than a month to go now. it look like congress is no closer to keeping the nation from going over. timothy indict never says the -- geithner says the ball is now in the republicans court. >> think about this. if we gave the president $1.6 trillion of new money what do you think he'd do with it? he's going to spend it. >> what we're not going to do is extend the tax cuts to the wealthiest americans. there is no possibility that we're going to find a way to get our fiscal house in order without the tax rates going back up. >> if congress doesn't act by the end of this year,
and east bay. freeze warning out for the north bay. 25 in kenwood. 26 st. helena. 26 in yountville. there is really cold numbers up there. and also a frost advisory for the rest of the bay area. we have a change in our pattern tomorrow. >>> time now 5:27. classes resume at one san jose college but a lot of questions remain after a campus lock down. the clues investigators are still searching for at san jose city college. >>> we are live in oakland where a business owner says he's shell shocked this morning. we'll tell you how a huge fire is connected to a stolen vehicle. >>> we'll have more on the breaking news we first told you about at 4:30. the gruesome discovery made at the scene of a house fire in campbell just hours ago. >>> good morning to you. welcome back. it's wednesday, december 19th pam. i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. steve, i said it was cold. steve's response it's december, pam. >> in july someone will say it's hot out there. i'll say it's july. i know it's cold out there. there is a lot of 20s. there are 20s and 30s today. the nights are very, very lo
and afghanistan finding recovery here in st. helena. >> this is a group for people who haven't met each other before but yet they have been through very similar experiences. >> reporter: they found themselves in the cia -- in this case, the culinary institute of america. >> some of these people have been in afghanistan for months or years and, you know, now they are back here in the united states and they are home and they are trying to readjust. >> reporter: everyone here is intent on being as self- sufficient as possible so they can avoid fast food and learn to cook for themselves in a healthier way. >> a lot of their injuries have prevented them from being able to work out and exercise like they used to. >> i served six years in the united states navy didn't know where to go, felt lost and wounded warrior project reached out records travis' injuries ended his naval career, but being here gives him hope. >> being in the military we have all been hurt. you know, you just become friends right away. >> reporter: they sit together for a meal that binds them in a different way. not only in the
for st. helena. what happens next? we are getting the break between round 2 and what's coming up next which is round 3. there will be scattered showers throughout the day tomorrow. but the heaviest rainfall is still to come and that's why all of the flood watches are in effect all the way through monday because round 3 is on the way and when it gets here, it likely will be the wettest of the three. even more rainfall than we had this morning. we'll time storm number 3 out for you and talk about when that sunshine and much drier when move in coming up in 10 minutes. >>> well, lots of flooding today in the east bay. the water was about a foot and a half deep in this parking lot outside the raley's shopping center in pleasanton near sunol boulevard. the lot was passible only by suvs with large enough tires. it was just one of dozens of spots in the east bay where there is just too much water. cbs 5 reporter da lin is on grizzly peak with more. >> reporter: still moisture in the berkeley hills. the rain for the most part pretty much gone now but just the fog you can see the heavy fog roll
own radar on mount st. helena. i'm going to get you down to street level here. you'll notice here, green valley road we're watching for this moderate to heavy pocket of rain. as i show you street level radar around santa rosa we're seeing some down pours around highway 101, brookwood avenue. showers beginning to redevelop in the east bay here. towards the emeryville area, you can see here towards orinda, crockett getting moderate rainfall. yellow indicating heavier rain. we pan around here, we do have a few showers around. down towards south bay, lighter returns. san francisco getting very light mist and shower activity at this hour. we do have a lot more rain coming. because of this we do have a flood watch on the russian river near hopland. it's close to seven feet expected to crest. and we he'dhead into sunday night, monday morning to 24 feet. this is expected to exceed flood stage. we're watching rush river. you'll notice there, -- sorry about that as i reload this here, it's expected to get close to flood stage by monday evening, 32 feet. so at 11:00 tomorrow night stormiest
the combination of totals in the last 24 hours. the north bay sought about 2 in. in st. helena. just one- tenth of 1 in. in dublin. and oakland, just a little bit over three tenths of 1 in. but there is more on the way. scattered showers and a high wind advisory by 10:00 p.m. the heaviest rainfall will be late tonight and early tomorrow. it is going to be windy but the good news is that there will be a decrease in showers. more of the flash flood warning and what we can expect on that sunday. when the dry conditions will return. >> there is one east bay community against one east bay community is taking action against taggers who deface public property. as kron four's jeff the best street artists in those tags with beautiful images. >> when fifteenth street between webster and franklin in downtown oakland was the target of spray can taggers art gallery owner jaime galinda and his friends in the art community came together to attack the problem with street art. >> i'm an artist, my friends are artists, my wife's an artist, let's beautify the neighborhood through art, paint over the tagging and g
center. napa river at st. helena, and also napa river at napa, flood warning currently at 11.2'. could be just right around flood stage tomorrow afternoon at 4:00. heaviest rain moves movement youth i will let you know when it moves in across the entire bay area and how much rain you can expect in your neighborhood. recent rains have created a mess at rohner park. a vier sent us these pictures. as you can see the water wait is clogged with mud, tree branches and debris. the public works department says that the county is responsible for this clean-up r. bun person was injured whey roofer collapsed during heavy rain at the roseville galleria shopping mall. the roof fell near the entrance of the jc penney store and cheesecake restaurant. pg&e says it has crewed on standby ready for any power outages that come during the next round of wet weather. meanwhile there is still 250 outages across the bay area. more than half of those are in the south bay. pg&e says it's ready to respond to any desruptions. >> travelers going through san francisco airport faced delay because of low visibility.
stage. interest was minor flooding in st. helena yesterday. just minor flooding is 16 feet. levels down to 3.7 feet. and expected to rise only about 5.4 feet with approaching storm wednesday. napa river stage 25 feet down now to about a 10.2 feet which is again, below flood stage. wednesday storm, but good news with approaching system. >> spencer, thank you. spencer just mentioned napa river. not this time, perhaps not anymore, thanks to the flood protection plan. wayne freedman is live tonight. wayne? >> that is napa creek behind me it's a notoriously fast trigger finger. there it is now. take a look. does that look like an angry creek? that looks like the creek might flood last weekend and it's not. what happens? with high water coming to napa people know the drill. >> with flood warnings we have a little bit. everything off the bottom shelf autos what is wrong with this picture? sandbags or need for them? >> we'd probably be standing in a mud and... a big mess. >> as waters rose last weekends, plenty of residents expected another scene when napa creek overflowed its banks, this time,
towards santa rosa, mount st. helena. and decent conditions that help to try things out a little bit today. it will be a little bit for the air to get saturated enough for the rain to hit the ground. most of that moisture is missing us. but the storm is still offshore and packing plenty of moisture. going towards tomorrow and here is what we expected. the increasing clouds and the north bay shower but i do not think it will record to see any rainfall until 5:00. mainly, north bay shores but wednesday, more whitetiming it out on futurecast. more widespread totals. >> the wonder of cdc's that this coming flu season and 3 warnings from the cdc. there is prevention but you have to take action now dan kerman. >> if you've not gotten a flu shots you should consider one. the flu season is are arriving earlier than usual. >> it is unusual to a peaks in december and january is usually the main one. this year it looks like on the eastern portion is already building up steam heat. >> kaiser and walnut creek say that this is strain is also more potent. which is why everybody over six months should get
radar is. it's on mount st. helena. around clover dale, zag springs road we have spotty showers in the east bay. also, for peninsula and looking across the dunbarton bridge it's slick. fabian way, perhaps sinkels now. around ben loman we're getting steadier rainfall. in sierra nevada chain controls remain in effect. temperatures now mainly 50s and a few 40s around fairfield, highlights, scattered showers tonight. heavy rain tomorrow morning could see isolated thunderstorms popping up. there is rain into holiday weekend featuring sometime whuz may be able to go out and do shopping. we're now watching some unstable air behind it with another system coming through. and this is how it plays out. tonight, showers, nothing too heavy until later on tonight going into wee hours of the morning. 3:00 a.m. possibly thunder. you can see east bay, south bay may get heavy rainfall along with the thunderstorms. and saturday just scattered showers going into evening f you have plans for holidays, or doing some shopping just carry umbrellas. sunday morning next round moves in. 3:00 a.m. there ar
with a chilly night. here's the live doppler 7hd on mt. st. helena. and all is clear, and the forecast for the next couple of days, we'll be talking about the chilly air and much of the rain has moved out of our future outlook. so, i'll explain in a moment. right now we're looking at 30s in livermore. 36 right now, and napa. 38 in fairfield. 48 in san francisco. 39 on the coast. certainly cold out there. this time yesterday we were warmer. so we were 11 degrees cooler in napa, on the way to subfreezing temperatures overnight. and it's pretty cold in our east bay valleys. so that's where we're expecting the frost. clear and cold nights ahead. the rain chances are out tomorrow night but monday night, a slight chance of rain in the evening hours and that we can scale back on. looks like a sunny start to 2013, and much of next week looking drive. overnight lows, cold, with 28 in napa. 32 in con -- concord. warmer here but along the coast, cold, with 32, down in santa cruz and morgan hill. here's a look at the satellite and radar composite map. the area of low pressure brought in a ten inch
is right now. let's look at live doppler 7 hd, spinning on top of mount st. helena over the ocean checking out storms that are out there and falling apart as they head towards our neighborhoods. mid to upper 30s fairfield, napa, santa rosa, concord, low to mid 40s for the rest of us, half moon bay warm spot at 48°, upper 30s, watsonville, santa cruz low to mid 40s gilroy and salinas, monterey warm spot, 49. today partly cloudy, showers over the ocean, freezing cold tonight, the stormy pattern for thursday, it stars thursday it lasts friday, -- it starts thursday, it lasts friday through sunday, if you have weekend plans you are going to get wet. if you have baseball plans, you may not play. heart of the cold air now jet stream from canada. behind that system, systems coming from the gulf of alaska, one from the pacific, a little farther south. each one is going to raise our temperature and bring heavier amounts of rain. we are going to get a one-two punch. 7:00 tomorrow morning frost everywhere except beaches, some of the valleys near the beaches could have frost, be careful with that pet
, yellows and oranges there. let's start near st. helena back warm springs road north of glen ellen cotati old adobe to petaluma moderate rain and light to moderate towards petaluma marshal road and point reyes, also around guerneville up the highway gender fort ross moderate to heavy rain there -- there is flooding in forestville right now on 116. the rain is now getting close to the golden gate bridge, also towards richmond making that southerly push going to be here in the heart of the bay by 7:00, in the south bay by 9:00. >>> friday light at the bay bridge toll, no metering lights yet, minor delay for cash paying folks not too bad, lanes carpool lanes flowing5 nicely not even backed towards the first overcrossing, just now to the caltrans parking lot. no problems westbound upper deck, san mateo bridge looking good, a little crowded westbound towards the highrise bunching up on the flat section towards foster city,f6b) 17 minute drive from hayward towards san mateo, westbound 37 past mare island car off the road waiting for a tow truck, three miles past mare island one lane in each dir
totals very, very impressive. how about this, 6" even at venado. santa rosa over one inch. 1.5" in st. helena, less in the south but there's plenty more to come. we'll talk about that coming up. >>> it's already a busy travel week, but the weather will not make it easy for americans to get home for the holidays. >> cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is live at sfo, where dozens of flights have already been canceled. >> reporter: good afternoon. actually, the count now is at 60. that's right. 6-0 flights have been canceled out of sfo. and depending on how this storm pans out, we could see more along the way. >> just be a drag to be stuck here like this close to christmas. >> reporter: flyers are out in full force today. the busiest travel day of the holiday season. >> we tried to catch a very early bart train from berkeley where we live but it's pretty crowded. >> reporter: 130,000 people are expected to pass through sfo including the big guy himself. >> well, i'm going around to various airports to talk to the traffic controllers and meet with the airline pilots to make sure they don't frea
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